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championsleaguelogoThe UEFA Champions League is the biggest club soccer tournament in Europe and the world.  The winner of the UEFA Champions League tournament lays claim to the Champions League trophy and the title of ‘best club soccer team in the world’.  Here at we are committed to providing you with all of the information you need to bet on Champions League matches online.

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About UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is a year long tournament where the top European club teams compete for the UEFA Champions League trophy and the title of ‘best club team in the world’.  The top team from every professional league in Europe is entered into a stage in the tournament and the top leagues will have a variety of clubs entered.  The top leagues in Europe will have many teams entered and the champions of these leagues are given an automatic spot in the group stage of the tournament.  The champions of some of the smaller leagues must play in the qualifying round and win their way into the group stage.

How it Works
Qualifying Round

There are three qualifying rounds for UEFA Champions League entrance.  Ten teams gain entrance into the Champions League group stage through the qualifying round.  The first qualifying round usually starts at the beginning of July and the third qualifying round finishes up near the beginning of August.

Group Stage

The group stage begins in mid September and concludes in mid December.  The group stage comprises of 8 groups of 4 teams each, for a total of 32 teams.  Each group plays a home and away match against each of the other teams in the group for a total of 6 games each.  The top two teams from each group then move on to the round of 16 knockout phase of the tournament.

Knockout Phase

The knockout phase of the tournament usually begins in mid February with the first round of 16 matches.  Each round the teams play home and away games against their opponents with the winner being decided on aggregate.  This continues until the second leg of the semi-final, which usually takes place near the end of April.


The finals of the UEFA Champions League tournament is a winner take all showdown between the two remaining teams in the tournament.  The final match is played on neutral soil in mid May.  This year the match will take place in Madrid on May 22nd.